Sté Seekarchi Sarl: distributor of meat

Sté Seekarchi SARL is a new business located in Tetouan with branch establishments in Tangier and Berkane and distributes Halal meat products of the Souk Orient brand. The meat products are produced by Simons Halal Food at the most modern production location in Europe. The product range is very broad and is characterised, among other things, by a wide variety and high quality of the products at an attractive price. Simons Halal Food is one of the most modern and biggest Halal meat production companies and has therefore become a well-known name in the world of Halal meat products.

The products of the Souk Orient range are currently distributed in Spain, France, Italy, the Netherlands and the Middle East and because of the great success of the products in these countries, Sté Seekarchi SARL has started distributing Souk Orient products in Morocco.

The range of Souk Orient products of Sté Seekarchi SARL is produced according to the strictest hygiene conditions and according to the HACCP & BRC guidelines. Moreover, the products of the Souk Orient range of Sté Seekarchi SARL are inspected by several Islamic organisations, including the Islamic Centre in Aachen (DE) and Halal Control Office in The Hague (NL).

The mission of Sté Seekarchi SARL is to provide good and delicious Halal meat products at a high quality and an attractive price and make it accessible to everyone.

The vision of Sté Seekarchi SARL is to distribute the Souk Orient products throughout Morocco from its own branch establishments, each having its own sales team and its own delivery vans.